what WE do

At mudBag Labs our goal is to facilitate your organizational change experience, so your agency can focus its human and information technology resources on its growth objectives. Our advisory team works closely with your organization’s leads to document your practices and adapt a systems change process framework that aligns with your organization’s culture and capacity maturity.  Our contribution in the process is to generate implementation strategies that empower each of your functional teams by consolidating their insights into actionable resource optimization strategies.

A mudBag engagement provides your organization these services:

  • survey, observe and conduct interviews to realize information sharing needs
  • build contextual models to understand the scope of the problem space
  • build entity relationship models to realize knowledge gaps and opportunity areas
  • document stakeholder information priorities
  • design a data model to resolve the documented stakeholder information needs
  • lead a proof-of-concept cycle to prototype  information solutions and user interfaces and test assumptions
  • develop information services, information databases and document collections, and information management tools
  • benchmark solutions and develop operational policies and performance monitoring tools
  • implement a continuous development process to reduce operational overhead and facilitate version updates

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