Welcome to mudBag Labs!!!
Our engagement team is here to help your organization increase the value-creation potential of your information management tools. We aim to eliminate information burdens. Whether you’re looking to devise an internal or public collective intelligence solution, our specialists stand ready to assist.


Our focal areas are:
  • information resource governance
  • information lifecycle management
  • information solutions design
  • information systems benchmarking
  • process design, contextual and value-sensitive
  • workflow management optimization
  • collections archival and web design
  • databases and business intelligence
  • information sharing, learning and knowledge management
  • competitive research and product development
  • information schemas, ontologies and data modeling
  • information assurance and cybersecurity
  • business information systems continuity
  • e-discovery and digital forensics
Context is Integral to us. Our collaborations are devoid of fixed frameworks or pre-conceived systems–although very firmly informed by various authorities on the matter of visualizing and realizing change, among them: the effective change management practices of Wysocki, the information visualization guidance of Tufte, Friedman’s Value Sensitive Design approach, the TEDS information valuation framework, abstract contextual models introduced by Holtzblatt et al, and interdisciplinary UX/HCI/HCD research underway at the University of Washington, to name a few.
We work closely with organizations of all sizes to design solutions to ensure that it is the client, and their users, who define their organizational information management commitment and performance gain objectives. Our clients are guided through an agile process that accomodates short or long timelines, which affords the phasing of solution components.
Call us or email us today to schedule some time to discuss your information needs, and conduct a high-level assessment of what we could contribute to your Growth!

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